by Pallor

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Wow, after so many months, Pallor is finally out. It's almost unbelievable how much fun I had during the creation of this album. It truly means a lot for anybody to support me during this musical journey in my life. For anyone who listened to my Pallor demos, anyone who supported me and loved my music along the way, I truly hope that this album does you well. Supporting me with the purchase with this album is greatly appreciated, but it is certainly not expected. Thank you.

I love you all.

- Jake <3


released October 31, 2014

All songs on this album were written and performed by Jake Dryzal.
Drums and screaming were performed by Kevin Pribulsky.
Special thanks go out to Tyler Showman and Kevin Pribulsky for instrument assistance.



all rights reserved


Pallor Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Pallor is the post-metal shoegazing band consisting of members Jake Dryzal and Kevin Pribulsky. With Jake writing metaphorical or autobiographical lyrics, they are then sung with lo-fi acoustics, distorted guitars, atmospheric soundscapes, and a reverberated wall of noise. Pallor's debut album was released on October 31, 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
I remember when I first met you girl. We were in grade school always talking on the swingset, jumping on the molch. Your hair was so long it was like it flowed from Heaven. I thought that one day, just one day, something great would happen between us.
Jump eight years later, on a cold January day.
Your smile warmed me, it was the ultimate purity.
You leaned on me, and I can feel the connection right there.
The hill you walked up to your house? Still saddens me to this day.
But then we go to February, where I looked deep in the brown near black circle, and asked you to take my hand.
But you refused. You left. And left me alone, to rot in the bottomless black circle.
You don't know how badly that hurt me. I'm still injured after this long.
You ignored me down there each time you passed.
You disrespected me, tortured me, and without you, it'll never, EVER, be the same.
Too bad you hate me.
Because I still think about you. About us. How I thought we'd grow up eternally. Share our opinions. Share love. Walk down an aisle. Buy a house. Raise a family. Die holding hands. Be buried next to each other in an oak coffin.
It's a shame I have to do this. Because honestly, if it weren't for your nonsense, it wouldn't be like this.
I wouldn't have to be left to die in a hole.
It was your own fault.
But the truth is, is that, I still love you.
It might sound ridiculous, but I miss your smile, your laughter, your joy, your energy. The touch from your hands. The head you would always rest on me.
I miss the old you. I miss the you where you would make me smile. I miss the you where we would laugh on taxpayed transportation. Come back. Please.
But, this. This here, is all for you. A tribute for all the unquenchable feelings that still remain.
This is for you.
This is for you.
This is for you.
This is for you.
Track Name: For Love
Look inside this little stream. Your mother made this so it seems.

Buried deep in quicksand, the tears did nothing for you, no longer will you stand.

Tragedy struck your ears and your eyes, this house on this elevation I never cared about.

A nightmare repressed and my war horse has been fatally shot in the heart.

Tragedy struck your eyes and your ears, this house on this elevation...

Which I'll lay upon and you'll laugh at me. Your hand smothers on the bleeding cheeks of my eyes.

And you'll not gasp but laugh. This love you never got to have is there. It's there. It is there.

You are just a child. Depression, conviction, all in the river.

Why are you so wild? I wouldn't do anything, it's really over.

Why are you so upset? I would do anything for your love.

Why are you so upset? I wouldn't do anything for your love.
Track Name: Colourblind
You saw her eyes, you saw her cry, but do you know how good people can try?
You give a sigh, you'd wish you die, but instead you heard her lies.
But don't you understand, this is the last stand, please understand.

You don't see art, inside my heart, from a person like you, that's a goddamn shame.
It's torn apart, off the chart, you don't know how I feel and I said "God, that's a shame."
Answers I have to desperately find, you don't see what I'm seeing, you're too colorblind.

There goes my trust, no more thrusts, nor lust.
She is a devil disguised as an angel, but since you don't know that, that makes you one, too.
She needs to wake up, shape up and ask "How do you do?"
Instead of throwing out my whereabouts and all of my doubts.
She can lie, she can't cry, she won't die, she shouldn't try.

Don't go on her side. It will just blacken the sky and anger the tide.
Don't say what I can do, but that's all the satisfaction you will ever get in life.
Only the man in the sky can tell me what's wrong or right.
Don't question my conscience nor morality on some stupid little teen who treated me like royalty.
Even with all of the food you could eat, she was far from a queen, her hands weren't clean.
She tossed me aside, and you did too.
Now one thing's for sure, there's no more love.
There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love. There's no more love.
Track Name: Lighthouse
I see you made it on top of the lighthouse. It was so beautiful that you could see the skies touch your hair. But as I saw the photo of you standing there I felt a different side of you.
Where you weren't so ravishing, on top of another's love. Going with your friend to unknown territory were you could cleanse and find someone who would find you refuge.
And I tried to give you just that, but you refused.

You must act differently around sand than snow. If you're feeling like a kid, or admiring the palm trees, then you should better go. Cause I'm tired of all the hate you've been giving me, especially when I never gave any to you, nothing like this. You better open your eyes, stop watching the skies and realize that around me, home is not where your heart is.
Track Name: Slide
It's January, and it looks like you've grown on me. An imperfect beauty sits beside me. Her dirty blonde hair rests upon my shoulder. I stare at her in amazement, my, and in happiness. She abruptly stops, and stands up. Walks away, up the white hill, never to be seen again.

It's February, and bitterly cold. I beg to change my life by adding you in it. I never saw you refuse that much. My eyes tear up, I'm angry. Your beautiful pallor shines. I am weak. You explain your reasoning. It disrupts my utopia, my future. You as my wife, my impeccable life....

It's quiet. No more love, nor connection. But I always gaze at you in awe, like the stars in the sky. You were true, and that's why I loved you. Your laugh, that face, your stories. I miss it all, I need you....

Why is she gone? Leave, leave her be.
She's my fantasy. Slide, slide with me.
Where is she now? Dead, dead to me.
My lust, she can't be. Slide, slide with me.
Slide, slide, slide.
Track Name: Siberian Husky
We'll walk this hill
And we'll fall in love
Track Name: Omaha
The leaves upon the sidewalk they just look like burning fire.
Cause I realized you're the God for all the damned and that you're such a liar.
I don't know what you saw that made you run like you've went wild.
But I realized that around all of the damned that you act like a child.

That's when I stopped and gazed into the beauty of your eyes.
How could I forget that you were made with many different faces.
And that part of me was never a part of you.
I miss you...
I miss you...
I miss you...
I love you...

The less fortunate now have to walk upon this hill.
Of despair, do or dare, but you don't really care.
I carried this burden, across, hanging on a wall.
To show you all that I died for your sins, I was crucified, I was hung by a wire, I was trapped in an ocean, for love, for you.

Come with me, take my hand, wander through these fields in Omaha.
We could be free, we could live in peace, we can live in harmony.
You took a horse, let the earth decompose my corpse.
How dare you.

I should have never trusted you, the red is on the floor and in my memory.
I find it such a shame; it was so easy for God to remind me of what could be.
I gave you respect, but you chose to go to a more moral soul.
How dare you.
It's all your fault, it's all your fault...
How dare you.
How dare you.
Your heart's not beating.